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Posted by on Jan 2, 2019 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

DIVORCE – Hardest thing to do in the world

One of the most heart-breaking stories of all is cutting the connection you have with your partner. There is no easy way of letting go a relationship especially if you have shared a lot of memories with the person. To love someone that gives you so much to remember is the hardest thing in letting go. Love is composed of two people only, having in between is dangerous. One main reason why relationship breaks is when one of you is having an affair.
The most unforgivable sin in the relationship is cheating. Some people can’t stand again with their partners when they already knew that they have been fooling around. It is very painful to know that your partner is not into you wholly. Women are more sensitive than men, once they suspect something is wrong they will find a way to know it. I am thankful that even after all I have been through; I exceeded my difficult moments in life. The man I am dying before is just part of my post and belongs into my memory.
My work as a London escorts helps me a lot to easily move on from it, and start again. Being a London escorts of is fun, you meet lots of people every day that you can talk to and share different problems. As a London escorts, you can also learned from day to day interactions to clients. The way you treat your clients, is also your success. If you did your best the more they keep booking you to be their London escorts. I learned that everything happens for a reason, my decisions to have a divorce also lead me to my happiness.
Though, it hurts me to give my children’s a broken family. I also don’t want to pretend on them that it’s okay for me, because at the end, they will also be the one to hurt. I become strong when I become a London escorts, I have raised my two daughters with my own sweat and efforts. I never asked anything from my ex-husband, slowly I have move on from my dark past. I started to accept that no matter how much you want a happy life its always does not go the way we plan it. We have to realize that God prepared something good in us. Hurt is only temporary if we choose what is right, and it will be followed by happiness that can last forever.
My choice to divorce bears a good fruit. I finally have peace of mind and freedom. I also have let my ex-partner to choose his path too maybe we are not meant to be, and have different perspective in life. As of now, my priority is happiness and supports my children. Being a London escorts gives me the capability to give my children’s needs and wants. Though, it is not the same as before, but I tried to fill their longings for their father.

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